Workshop and in-situ repairs for any type of
main engine and diesel generator

Total Overhaul

MRE’S ’ experience in the marine & offshore industries and highly skilled professional technicians & engineers, ensure maximum quality works at minimal vessel downtime, 24/7 worldwide.  Whether services demand In-situ diesel engine & engine parts repair and machining or workshop repairs in our state of the art facilities in Perama, MRE covers all major makes of main and auxiliary engines.

  • Engines: Total overhaul, repairs, performance control
  • Cylinder Head: total maintenance,valve seat machining
  • Cylinder Liner: honing, roughness and dimension report, machining of sealing surfaces
  • Piston: machining of grooves and sealing surfaces
  • Connecting rod: ovalness report, machining, surfaces & serration grinding
  • Crankshaft: straightness test (also on lathe till 6.5mtrs), hardness test, metalloscopic test, deflections report
  • Engine block: line-boring of support, grinding of sealing surfaces
  • Pumps: Total overhaul, components particular
  • Coolers: cleaning, re-tubing
  • Gearbox: Total overhaul, shaft machining

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